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:iconkvdolan: :iconcybertronian-unsub: :iconshadowcross: :iconmalinquist: :icontrinitysage:

Friends & Watchers Feature #3

In no particular order, this is my third Friends & Watchers Feature. Please visit their gallery and fave their works or comment. It will be greatly appreciated.

:icondandelion-field:Refreshing by dandelion-fieldGraceful Nature by dandelion-field

:iconrui09:Devil's smile by RUI09I am Alice Cat by RUI09

:iconfrancescadelfino:Old rose by FrancescaDelfinoI love you by FrancescaDelfino

:iconsurrealistic-gloom:Gloomy Spring Sky by surrealistic-gloomScent of Spring Around the Marsh by surrealistic-gloom

:iconlayaboutjoe:Views of Stonehenge 10 of 10 by LayaboutJoeLogboat by LayaboutJoe

:iconamjara: The boys now over 3 months old! by AmjaraDragons Kin by Amjara

:icondekoradum:Glass Ocean by dekorAdumShattered by dekorAdum

:iconjocelyner:Squills surprisingly found in the forest. by JocelyneRThe Last Sunflower by JocelyneR

:iconhalekborn:The giant has awakened! by HalekbornMiu! by Halekborn

:iconsunnysideofme:Reaching for the sky. by sunnySIDEofMECrack after another crack. by sunnySIDEofME

:iconteaphotography:On Behalf of The Shelter Project by TeaPhotographyEquinox by TeaPhotography

:iconstrawberryyashi: You only miss the sun when it starts to snow... by StrawberryYashi3D - Dinner Time - Blender by StrawberryYashi

:icontheeternalmanga:Touhou --- momiji inubashiri by TheEternalMangaShu Ouma colored by TheEternalManga

:iconmetalromantica:SymbioticToxic state of mind.... by metalromanticaa dream... by metalromantica

:iconastrikos:Inhale by AstrikosBaby Owl by Astrikos

:iconkaz-d:The View by Kaz-DNetley Abbey - Ruins by Kaz-D

:iconjohn-peter:Morning Skies II by John-PeterHope by John-Peter

:iconpassion-aesthete:Perverted minds by passion-aestheteHostage by passion-aesthete

:iconmad-as-a-hatter12:Chateau Fronteac by MAD-as-a-HATTER12Sainte Anne de Beaupre by MAD-as-a-HATTER12

:iconlucilaleyla: A City With Romance by LUCILALEYLAAthens, Greece by LUCILALEYLA

:iconlivetodream215: Trees2 by livetodream215 Soft Purple 2-2 by livetodream215

Friends & Watchers & Favorites Feature #2

In no particular order, this is my second Friends & Watchers & Favorites Feature. Please visit their gallery and fave their works or comment. It will be greatly appreciated.

:iconjocelyner: My Cutiepie... 02 by JocelyneR R. I. P.  PIPO by JocelyneR


:iconeinsilbig: Flaking by Einsilbig Modern Spyware by Einsilbig

:iconerickuns: Self Portrait, reaching down by EricKuns Battambang Temple Guard by EricKuns

:iconbrian-b-photography: How YOU Doin' ? by Brian-B-Photography Close to Home by Brian-B-Photography

:iconskevlar: Human's Greatness by Skevlar Sandy between the bridges by Skevlar

:iconbaranyai: Weakness by baranyai The Beating Heart of Autumn by baranyai

:iconz3rogravity: REFLECTION by z3rogravity FLUID MASK by z3rogravity

:iconmishkin-rayman:Kalmar Cathedral by Mishkin-Rayman Dry Heaves in Uppsala by Mishkin-Rayman

:iconwendymitchell: Forest Floor 2 by WendyMitchell Afraid of the dark by WendyMitchell

:iconvirginiecarquin: He comes back by VirginieCarquin The Monkey-frog by VirginieCarquin

:iconrandomcatninja2010: Butterfly 2 by randomcatninja2010 Pretty Bird by randomcatninja2010

Friends & Watchers & Favorites Feature #1

In no particular order, this is my first Friends & Watchers & Favorites Feature. Please visit their gallery and fave their works or comment. It will be greatly appreciated.

:iconteaphotography: Light and Life Reflecting by TeaPhotography Friendship Blooms by TeaPhotography
:iconchokoart2: Maldito Tiempo by Chokoart2 Black Friday by Chokoart2
:iconerickuns: Death, Dissolution, and the Void by EricKuns :Rorschach Experiment 01 by EricKuns
:iconjoe-maccer: One More Time by Joe-Maccer #9 Dream by Joe-Maccer
:iconmetalromantica:Mental nature.... by metalromanticaThe nocturnal ride... by metalromantica
:iconvissyscrafts:All About Chocolate by Vissyscrafts Grand Piano Elegance ~ Collage by Vissyscrafts
:iconfunkichkn: sitting on the sun by funkichkn Relate (updated) by funkichkn
:icondekoradum: Crossing by dekorAdum Margareth by dekorAdum
:iconzynnanna: Butterfly Gorge by Zynnanna Oil Slick Colour Duck by Zynnanna
:iconfeigenfrucht: 20120626 28 Bamberg Landesgartenschau by feigenfruchtBd 04 by feigenfrucht
:iconrick-lilley: Green Tree Frog (Digital Painting) by Rick-Lilley Secretary Bird by Rick-Lilley
:iconstrawberryyashi: Ferris Wheel by StrawberryYashiMusic by StrawberryYashi

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched - they must be felt with the heart. 
Words by Helen Keller. 


Please allow me to sincerely thank the following groups and artists for featuring my work in their groups or personal journals. If I missed yours, please note me with the link so that I can thank you here in my appreciation journal. Your friendship, help, features, faves, critiques, comments, watches notes and Llamas are most appreciated. You are all awesome in your own way. Please visit the groups or individual artists who have been so kind to me by featuring my work. Joining their groups, views, faves, comments, donations etc...will be greatly appreciated. There are countless other artists featured in the journals and groups. I encourage all of you to go explore and get inspired and make wonderful friends here on DA Community; what deviantART is all about!

A very special thank you to my :iconheart4uplz: DA-daughter Tea:iconteaphotography:for your extraordinary:icongiftplz:for our 44th Wedding Anniversary on 4/02/2014. I am so touched that you remembered the date and gave us such a gorgeous photo of what we really love; the sea, the sky, the sunset in all of it's glory. Much love to you from your DA-mom and your "as you lovingly refer to him" non-DA Dad.:iconrbheartplz:

Not that far by my :iconheart4uplz: DA-daughter Tea 

Not That Far by TeaPhotography


Amazemenents of April Features

Thank you so very much  my :iconheart4uplz: DA-daughter Tea  :iconteaphotography: for the beautiful :icongiftplz: created especially for the participant in Amazements of April. It was so very nice of you to include me and to create such a beautiful  photograph of your gorgeous cat. Sweet Tsuki Blue Sweet Tsuki Blue by TeaPhotography

Amazements of April!
1. Gifts
2. "SIX for SIX" Anniversary Project- Complete!
3. Personal
4. Can You Help Lilyas?
5. Special Groups & Other Special Info.
6. "The Shelter Project" :new: NEWS!
7. B-Day Features, PLUS Said & Did Features
8. 119th Special Random Feature- Suggest a Friend For NEXT time??
9. Special Edition Feature: The Treasure Chest

:wave: Hello and Thank You to Anyone who has a chance to read my journal.
I know that time is VERY precious. :aww: :rose:
I hope March had marvelous moments for all of my dear friends (AND family, should they see this), and now I WISH ALL Who May See This, an AMAZING APRIL!
Sending you all my love across various directions of miles, all over the planet. :earth:
:icongift1plz: GIFTS from dA Friends :icongift1plz:
:thanks: Thank you to my sweet friend :icon
  This is an amazing journal by my :iconheart4uplz: DA-daughter Tea :iconteaphotography: and in honor of the 6th anniversary of the Shelter Project Stamp by Astrikos. As part of this project to celebrate the anniversary we were asked to submit 3 of our own deviations and suggest 3 more from someone who's work we admire. I chose the following 3 for mine.

Thank you so much my
 :iconheart4uplz: DA daughter Tea :iconteaphotography: for your kindness towards me and so many others.

Kindly featured  April/07/2014. My artworks. 

Sweets for my Tea by awesome43  Joy's balancing act by awesome43  Ventura Beach Rocks. by awesome43

and the following 3 are my choices  from my :iconrbheartplz: grandson :iconrazielmb: for the feature.

:iconheartcandleplz: At this time I would like to remind everyone to please continue in your prayers for Raz who is recovering from his 4th bone marrow transplant and needs and appreciates all the prayers and support from you here on DA. :iconheartcandleplz:
Sleeping with Dragons by RazielMB    Wind, my white horse by RazielMB    Cosmic muse ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMB

Kindly featured in the said and did section my latest work. Awakening by awesome43


:iconself-taughtartists: :iconcheslah:  Member Feature!Every week or so, I'm going to collect artwork from people who have joined our group!  Since we are currently at 4,497 members, I will go back to the very first member to join and work my way back to the newest members, and when I am caught up, I will only be doing the new members that join.  
Because I have almost 4500 of you to go through, I will feature only one artwork from each deviant!  So, let's get started, shall we?  We begin with our admin team!
Our wonderful founder, the cofounder of the previous STA group:
And our contributors!
Brieana - Artistic-Adventures -
Awesome-Leaf -
dathore - cheslah -
*drum roll*Aaaand nooooowwww.... One piece of work from our first 100 members in order from 1st to 100th!
Decaying Out Of The Shadows by Nakuro170its ashley by D-M-8-1:thumb36
 KINDLY FEATURED 4/08/2014 Veggy Vortex by awesome43

:icongreat-outdoors: :iconbydandphotography:  A Very Special Thanks FeatureI want to thank all of you who have donated points to help make my group, :iconGreat-Outdoors: a super group! we still need a lot of help and are still looking for point donations. if you would like to donate to my group, just scroll down, just past this journal and click on the donate button. any donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! those who donate will receive a llama and will be featured in upcoming journals, like this one. thanks once again! :)


a special thank you... by BlueIvyVioletbeautiful tiny white flowers!! by BlueIvyViolethearts on the line by BlueIvyVioleta july sunset 2 by BlueIvyVioletnov 2nd sunset 2 by BlueIvyViolet
Cheetah 5 by nigel3Pan Am by nigel3Barn Owl by nigel3Who by nigel3Montreal Blue by nigel3
This hedgehog and me by M10tjeDazzeled by M10tje by M10tjeChichen Itza, Mexico by M10tjeOutside the frame - Sunny by M10tjeWinter 2009 by M10tje
Magic moment by awesome43California Coast. by awesome43:thumb

 KINDLY FEATURED 4/06/2014      
Magic moment by awesome43 California Coast. by awesome43 Canned drink by awesome43  Blue Beauty by awesome43  Sunny-Peeps by awesome43      

 :iconfeigenfrucht:   Ode to all my friendsDear all :heart:
I want to say thanks .... for all your wonderful gifts, wishes, cakes and that you are with me at dA :love:

As I've got so many many messages the personal thanks will come in the next days. 
But there are needed special :iconkissmote: to :iconscheinbar: and :iconcrazyruthie: Hope you have had a wonderful birthday, too and I send you all all the best wishes :sun:

romboidno by aerendial
Everyday People by veeegeee
breathe stockholm blues by chriseastmids
Seaflow, The Nobbies by Okavanga
Only The Memories Remain by LUCILALEYLA
I Kissed A Girl by augenweide
d010iii by WilliamDallwitz
Hase by emmalilly22
Crazzy Branches reflection by RobertRobledo
The Light Comes From Inside by sesam-is-open
Black Rain by CMoretzfan19
A Strip of Trees 03 by HorstSchmier
Cuba Libre... by ansdesign
 KINDLY FEATURED 4/5/2014  Nature's Bounty by awesome43

 :icontrinitysage: Saturday Spotlight

The Yellow One by ZorodoraRose of Friendship by Spacedivas
Untitled by Spacedivas
Untitled by SpacedivasIris by Spacedivas
Awakening by awesome43
Another Reality by RazielMB
Confidence by xmilekVivacity by xmilekGrandeur by xmilekWaywardness by xmilek
Redraw Screenshot: Poor Unfortunate Souls by galia-and-kittyUnderwater Landscape by Ruri--chan
Magic place by Kukunia92
  KINDLY FEATURED 4/05/2014 Awakening by awesome43

:iconjocelyner:  Feature--41a:iconshinyheartplz:
:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:
:heart: The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts
and Dedications I have received and to feature some works from
these awesome artists. I want to thank each of these persons for
their kindness and thoughtfulness which have touched me so very
much! :heart:
In chronological order:




Ode to The Good Listener by TeaPhotography
Dance Like No One is Watching by TeaPhotography
  KINDLY FEATUREd 4/04/2014 Magic moment by awesome43 Awakening by awesome43

:icondawishingwell::iconstygma:  Tuesday Treats: Fill this HouseMonday Muses | Wandering WednesdayThursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly | Selfless Saturday

We built a virtual house for dAWishingWell members. Now your job is to bring something in the house. Is it furniture? Food? A plant? A cat? A friend? Whatever you think belongs to the house! :meow:

Find a deviation (even from your own gallery) of something you want to bring in the house and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of one deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day! 

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before Tuesday April
  KINDLY FEATURED 3/25/2014 Canned drink by awesome43 Sweets for my Tea by awesome43


Journal History

A new angel for Raz and Serge from Ingeline for 2014

Thank you so very much :iconshinyheartplz: Ingeline :iconingeline-art: for the beautiful angel of recovery you created for my grandson Raz :iconrazielmb: and my brother Serge.

A message from Ingeline

This angel is a gift for Raziel and Serge for the next year -
I hope you feel much better soon!
Eat much fruit and vegetable and take medicine!
I hope you feel better soon!
Best wishes for 2014
and much love from Ingeline ;-)))

THE ANGEL OF RECOVERY angel of recovery by ingeline-art

May this beautiful Angel of recovery watch over them always and bring them warmth and comfort and keep them safe from the evils of illness.

I would like to ask everyone to please continue in our prayer vigil for Raz and Serge so that they can have the miracle of remission/cure they needs so desperately. :iconheartcandleplz:

Angels for my DA-Grandson Raz

Thank you so much :iconshinyheartplz::iconingeline-art: for the beautiful Angels you created as special gifts for my DA-Grandson :iconrazielmb: and for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

THE ANGEL OF POWERFULNESS. Angel of powerfulness by ingeline-art and for
THE ANGEL OF MERCY Angel of Mercy by ingeline-art I requested for Raz.
May these beautiful Angels watch over him always and bring him warmth and comfort and keep him safe from the evils of illness.
I would like to ask everyone to please continue in our prayer vigil for Raz so that he can have the remission he needs so desperately. :iconheartcandleplz:

Angel of Health for my brother Serge

Thank you so very much my :iconshinyheartplz: Ingeline:iconingeline-art: for the beautiful Angel of Health The angel of health by ingeline-art you created per my request for my :iconrbheartplz: brother Serge.
May this beautiful Angel watch over him always and bring him warmth and comfort and keep him safe from the evils of illness.
I would like to ask everyone to please continue in our prayer vigil for Serge so that he can have the remission he needs so desperately. :iconheartcandleplz:

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